An Entry of Societies Weakness

I imagine myself living in a world of work. Aside from an imaginary family and children, living in some sort of city that can give me an opportunity to span my intelligence and work progression. My profession which is unknown, begins growing somehow. A mysterious profession blossoming out of its shell. But I still try to pursue the secret job that I am wanting to go for in life. But as I progress, making my work interesting, I sense some negativity, some sort of laziness.

Society has shifted massively in the past few years, with the intolerance of work in schools, or the creative slang we use today. Our way of learning and grasping the meaning of life has dissipated and washed up from a cool stream of stupidity. Intelligence among us is very rare, it’s only the students who focus so hard that they’re judged completely, maybe even bullied. It’s hard to find an intelligent society, that’s why most individuals cut themselves off from the rest of the human population and stick to their own way of life. It’s not bad to go that way, but is our society truly positive? Is it truly what people want it to be, satisfactory is limited and luxury is limited too.

Nowadays, people try to go the easy way. The slick, secretive way that will get them through high school, a job, college, etc. It doesn’t do anything good to sit around and cause negativity to the workspace of America. What I don’t understand is how some people blame the food industry, or the government for their “laziness” or “lack of jobs”. It’s your decision on what you want to do in life, not the government. You can abide by the laws that they give, but you choose your own decisions. People are ridiculous and have yet to grasp the idea or concept of responsibility. Living life easy is rare.
I myself have hit through times of distress or laziness, but I get my work done in the long run. Some people don’t even begin to start or finish and they act as if it won’t do anything to them. Don’t whine when someone you know is successful and you aren’t. Life is revolved around work and if we didn’t fight for the creations that we use today, we would be lost. But was it worth it?

I think the world should start caring more about society and work than other countries. It’s acceptable if the other country is at war with us, but for time’s sake, we need to worry about us. Unemployment rates rise quickly within minutes or even days each year. The homeless population will soon increase as housing and the numerous amounts of bills an average citizen pays will gradually increase as we advance. We need to start working harder and building better things for us as a nation, as a society. Do we have hope for the future?
It all ends with a lesson in the end. Finding out who really cares about our society. How we expand in numerous trends or advancements in science and technology. Stopping epidemics that could wipe out the human race. If our society became lazier and lazier as the years go by, we will stop in our tracks and never move on. We’ll begin to disappear and never be seen again. Only to repeat existence and life. I think I believe the world should start trying more.


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