Satisfaction of Others

Satisfaction,  a word many others rely on, and is also a well-known techno song.  It’s hard to satisfy the inevitable. The blotchy students or teachers that expect you to put hard work into something you could care less about. I solely care on writing, not reading some inadequate Shakespeare novel and basking it’s “meaning.” Shakespeare was a prude and was also a romantic junkie. But is it true that today, many people expect too much out of others. Brings down their self confidence, their meaning of life. The way they grasp onto the concept of the worlds ingenuity.

Is it a failed idea that many want to succeed in life? Most people don’t necessary understand the social and physical aspect of ones goal in life. But do goals need to satisfy others too? Is it a requirement to follow along with others, have the same interests, goals, likes, dislikes, etc?

Everyone is different, don’t focus on someone who is just like you, because then your relationship with them will be boring and constant. Find someone who is interesting and genuine, not some stereotypical guy.

Just stop being judgmental.


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