“What’s Wrong.”

It’s the constant question “What’s wrong?” 

You kind of just bellow over and nonchalantly brush off the question as if you never heard it. Wondering in the next few minutes if something even worse will enter your mind and somewhat destroy the way you think thoroughly. You begin asking yourself questions relating to girls that are way out of your league, questioning whether you should go buy a few pens and attempt to draw.

Do people have a goal to annoy people to death with stupid questions. I do the same, which is obviously hypocritical, but if you notice I’m not answering back, I don’t want to talk. Nagging at me until something comes out of my mouth is far worse than anything.

Don’t brag, bragging leads to me wanting to choke you out in class right in front of the teacher.

Also, if you ask for one of the most annoying French songs to come on one more time, I will stick a few crayons down your esophagus and let you eat them. Better hope they’re non-toxic.

Finally we end with how will the teachers react to my exams. Will it be satisfactory?  It most likely won’t be and it’ll leave them gasping in disbelief.

Will she get mad you again? Of course she will, you obviously screwed up too much to notice and she’ll keep proving you wrong.

I definitely know I’m an idiot.

Is it okay for me to put all of this in a splotchy mess, which is annoying me? Sure, it’s my damn blog.

I think throughout the months of blogging, I’ve become passive aggressive, or aggressive in general.


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