Thinking Abroad

I think it’s normal for a mature teenager to think often, not too much to stress them out, but just enough for them to keep going in life. It’s perhaps the most fascinating thing in a human. A humans thoughts, brain capacity, intelligence, nearly everything is quite fascinating. I’m not of the religious type, but the question between the creation of man is still a mystery among us. It couldn’t of possibly been some god, but it also couldn’t of been because of some explosion creating simplistic things.

I guess life really revolves around stress consuming objects, humans, and thoughts. If someone isn’t constantly stressing out about something, their life is nothing. They have no personality of any sort, and they are working hard in life. Now, if you’re the type of person who constantly acts as if they’re a rebel against society and the government, then you’re a complete disgrace against the society only. I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re a disgrace against the government, but you’d be a topic to discuss about.

Should I really try? That’s the question. Is there necessarily a meaning to life? Or the question for romanticized phanatics. What is the meaning of love? Now, I’m not romantic at all, so I won’t bother touching that subject.

But in reality, is it normal to stress, or different?

Should we be concerned about the large amounts of depressed children around the world, showing that they’re hurt, and eventually hurting themselves? Or as a society, are we completely ignoring and letting life take over?


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