An Entry of One’s Self.

I struggle the day. Becoming more annoyed by the fact most of my graduating class has the IQ of a number that is below zero. I begin thinking throughout numerous days of my life on where I’ll be and how I’ll get there. I soon discover most actors that play in big mainstream movies, turn out to be in an old King Kong movie.

I’m emotional, stricken from my real emotions. It’s comfortable and I’m confused with life. I never know what to do, so I go ahead and set forth on something disastrous and end in wanting to kill myself. I forgot his name was Jeff Bridges and he played in the Big Lebowski.

Facebook is left with the constant trends that end up being ridiculous. Showing us who is really the idiots of our society. I’m just confused, as a teenager, and a hope-to-be-writer.  It’s just a constant stress fest. That’s all that ends up on my mind is what can I screw up next? He also made an album with just humming noises.

I’m ending this with one simple advice. Limit who you speak to. Talk to the one’s you truly need and stick with them. Life has a limit to it, just try to not die too quickly.

Wise words they say. I say not.


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